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10th National Conference for Investigative Journalists

December 7-9 – The Regional Press Development Institute (RPDI), a USAID Media Program in Ukraine partner, held its 10th national conference in Kyiv for investigative journalists.

The event brought together about 270 participants, including 100 from Ukraine’s regions, and 60 speakers from 17 countries. The three-day agenda focused on the media’s role during elections and the opportunities and risks for investigative journalists in Ukraine and beyond. The event provided a unique platform for discussion, knowledge-sharing and networking.

USAID has supported major investigative reporting programs in Ukraine as part of its anticorruption and media development activities. Over the past three and a half years,, a joint TV project of Kyiv, Mykolayiv, Rivne and Crimea investigative reporting centers supported by Internews from 2014 to 2018, has grown into a nationwide program broadcast by two national and 17 regional television channels to an estimated audience of over 14 million viewers.

Nashi Hroshi, a USAID-supported program, has broadcast more than 40 TV investigative stories on cases of corruption, mismanagement and abuse of power on national TV channels. Over US$1.3 million of Ukrainian taxpayer money was returned to the state budget as a result of Nashi Hroshi’s investigations. This national conference is a contribution to building investigative journalists’ solidarity within the challenging period of elections.

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