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13th Summer Media Literacy School

August 16-19 – The Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP) conducted its thirteenth four-day media literacy summer school for 21 elementary school teachers from 12 Ukrainian oblasts (regions). Wayne Sharpe, Director of Internews in Ukraine, welcomed participants and stressed the importance of including media education in the school curriculum and shaping students’ media literacy skills in childhood.

The media school agenda included interactive classes on teaching media literacy, critical thinking and text decoding, as well as integrating media literacy in elementary school curricula. AUP introduced its new handbooks for teachers titled “Guidance for Parents: Parents, Children, and Media,” “Media Education Practices in Extracurricula Work,” and “Critical Thinking and Media Literacy in Elementary School.” A psychologist facilitated the agenda, created a process of how to work with parents, and drew up a map on launching media education at their children’s schools.

More on AUP’s website in Ukrainian.