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2018 Mezhyhirya Fest Winners Investigated Public Servants’ Luxury Cars, Sexual Harassment

June 9 – Winners of the National Journalistic Investigation and Special Reporting competitions were announced at Mezhyhirya Fest-2018, an investigative journalism festival held on June 9-10, 2018, at Mezhyhirya National Park. Valeria Yehoshina from Radio Liberty’s “Schemes” won the National Prize for journalistic investigations and special reports for the investigative report, “The luxury car fleet of employees of the Security Service of Ukraine.” She was awarded  a prize of 1,000 euros.

Journalists Anna Kalaur and Volodymyr Torbich and a television operator Valeriy Martynyuk (from the Fourth Power) received a special award and 500 US dollars prize for the report “Rivne Professor of Harassment.” Martyniuk recently died in a car accident in Rivne. Kalaur, who was in the car with him, is currently in the hospital.

The festival’s jury evaluated 90 journalistic investigations. In addition to the winners, finalists included:

• Ihor Feshchenko (Chesno);

• Evhenia Motorevska (Slidstvo Info);

• Tetyana Kosereva (Ukrainska Pravda);

• Oleksandr Humenyuk (Slidstvo Info);

• Inna Popovych (Channel 24).

Mezhyhirya Fest-2018 is held every year around Journalist’s Day (June 6) at the former estate of Ukraine’s former President Victor Yanukovych. The festival aims to stimulate discussion about issues investigative journalists face.

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Photo: Pavel Podufalov; The Kyiv Post