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2018 U-Media Small Grants’ Winners Announced 

January 15, 2018The USAID Ukraine Media Project (U-Media), implemented by Internews, are pleased to announce 11 winners in our 2018 Small Grants Competition. We ran the competition between October 17 and November 20, 2017. In total, we received 117 applications. Out of these, 21 applicants were disqualified at the pre-screening stage. A panel of 15 independent media experts assessed the remaining 96 applications.

The 2018 winners are:

1. Online magazine The Ukrainians (Lviv)

2. NGO Sumy Press Club (Sumy)

3. NGO Ukrainian Center for European Policy (Kyiv)

4. NGO Donetsk Press Club (located in Kyiv)

5. NGO Bureau of Policy Analysis jointly with Public Broadcaster Sumy (Sumy)

6. NGO Insight (Kyiv)

7. Hromadske TV Zaporizhzhia (Zaporizhzhia)

8. Chernivtsi Public Broadcaster Bukovyna (Chernivtsi)

9. Charity Fund Tochka Opory Fulcrum (Kyiv)

10. NGO Hromadske Radio (Kyiv)

11. Svidomo Investigative Reporting Agency (Kyiv)

Based on the assessment results, the projects we are supporting this year range from content production/distribution (covering television, radio, print, internet) and modern media transformation to community-based tolerance journalism and gender equality reporting.

Pending the final approval by the USAID, the amounts of awarded grants will be between US$6,200 and US$9,970, with all projects/grants finishing by August 2018.


We invited Ukrainian media organizations and companies to submit their project proposals to contribute to the following U-Media project’s objectives:

1. Support and promote freedom of speech and media independence;

2. Increase the variety of news sources and improve news quality; and,

3. Improve the enabling environment for media and freedom of speech.

U-Media Small Grants is a focused yet flexible mechanism that provides grants for unique and sustainable projects. Project selection is based on applicants’ ability to demonstrate concrete achievements that show impact in the media sector.

Latest announcement and the list of earlier winners here