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$5.4 million allocated in state budget for Rada TV channel

November 3 – Oleksandr Kornienko, the First Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, said that more than 190 million hryvnias (USD$5.4 million) would be allocated for the operation of the Rada TV channel within the 2023 state budget.

“Planned expenditures for covering parliament’s activities are UAH 192.9 million (USD$5.2m) with the need for more than UAH 210 million (USD$5.7m). This includes the work of the Rada channel, the Voice of Ukraine newspaper, coverage in other media, etc. The channel can count on roughly UAH 150-170 million (USD$4 to $4.6m),” said Kornienko. He also reported that the Rada channel continues to “optimize its structure” due to a lack of funds, but that “this does not impact the channel’s creative employees.”

About 380-390 million hryvnias (around $10.2m) were allocated in the 2022 budget for Rada TV but due to martial law the funding was reduced. At the beginning of the war, the government cut public welfare by 10%.

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Photo: Unsplash