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AUP Hosts 21st Summer School of Media Literacy

June 24-27 – The Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP) held its 21st Summer School of Media Education and Media Literacy in Poltava region for 23 educators working with preschoolers in 14 regions of Ukraine. The AUP manual entitled “Media Literacy in Preschool Education: Strategies for Third and Fourth Year Children” was developed with the support of the USAID Media Program in Ukraine, and will be published online in July 2021.

The manual contains exercises to help children gain communication skills as well as lessons for parents that are designed to promote cooperation between parents and preschools and lay the foundation for the media literacy and critical thinking skills of children.

Olha Romanchak, a methodologist from the Transcarpathian Regional Institutes for Continuing Teachers’ Training, shared her impression of the Summer School with AUP, saying that “excessive use of media has a negative influence on children’s mental health; at the same time, it is vital to encourage and teach parents how to use the media as a resource for children’s education.”

Photo: Academy of Ukrainian Press