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AUP Launches Online Media and Financial Literacy Course for Secondary Schools

May 13 – The Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP) introduced a new online manual entitled “Media Education in Financial Literacy Classes” for senior grades of secondary school. The manual was presented by its author Hanna Horlenko, a teacher and methodological specialist. Horlenko has been an economics teacher at Khmelnytskyi Gymnasium #1 for 23 years, and is the author of five curricula for high school, including “I am a client of the bank,” “Owning a business,” “Fundamentals of family economics,” and more than 30 textbooks on economics for 10th and 11th grade pupils and teachers. She is also one of the co-authors of the 10th grade textbook “Civic Education.”
“Media Education in Financial Literacy Classes” offers an integrated approach to help teachers to improve students’ financial competencies with elements of media education. The recommended exercises include building media literacy skills by analyzing financial and legal documents, exploring the difference between clickbait and hidden advertising in financial news, and showing how different types of financial fraud can be avoided with media literacy skills.
The manual can be downloaded from the AUP web portal “Media Literacy and Media Education.”

Photo: Academy of Ukrainian Press