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Center for Democracy and Rule of Law Leads Key Media Reforms in Ukraine

January 17 The Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) held a working meeting with the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR) to discuss the roadmap for media reforms in 2018, with an eye on the latest achievements.

The RPR media group — Taras Shevchenko, Igor Rozkladay, and Vita Volodovska from CEDEM; Lyudmyla Pankratova from the Regional Press Development Institute; Svitlana Ostapa from UA: Pershy’s supervisory board; and Roman Holovenko from the Institute for Mass Information — decided not to revise the document before receiving updates from the RPR secretariat about RPR’s other groups’ activities. The RPR secretariat membership is currently being changed, so the new roadmap is not yet prepared.

The key priorities of RPR’s media reform remain the completion of the print media’s de-statization (privatization) process, support to the public service broadcaster, electoral legislation changes related to political advertising and the role of media in elections, adoption of the law on audiovisual media services, and ensuring access to information.

According to the Law “On State-owned and communal printed media reforms”, the reform process has been calculated for three years and it must end by the end of 2018. As of November 30, 2017, out of around 700 printed media that need to undergo the reform, only 123 newspapers, or about 17%, finished the process, CEDEM reported.

With this in mind, CEDEM and partner media organizations drafted a plan for successful print media de-statization in 2018. The plan envisages a series of legislative, explanatory, and consultative steps to facilitate the reform, including amendments to the 2018 budget to support privatizing media. The plan was forwarded to the head of the State TV and Radio Committee through its public council.

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