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Commission on Journalism Ethics summarizes annual results

December 28 – The Commission on Journalism Ethics (CJE), published a summary of its work in 2022, highlighting that the ethics association:

  • registered 78 complaints; 66 complaints were after February 24, 2022.
  • published 30 decisions, 25 of which were after the invasion.
  • held 20 lectures and discussions with prominent journalists and editors.
  • reached over 200,000 users on its Facebook page. CJE’s online events gathered over 20,000 views from 3,350 registered journalists, students, teachers, and media professional participants.
  • formed partnerships with 16 universities to promote the Code of Ethics of a Ukrainian Journalist and organize related events.
  • provided over 150 consultations via its ethics and standards hotline for journalists since April 2022.

More on the Commission of Journalism Ethics in Ukrainian.


Photo: CJE”s Facebook