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Committee to Protect Journalists presents award to Ukrainska Pravda editor-in-chief Sevgil Musaieva

November 18 – The Committee to Protect Journalists awarded the International Press Freedom Award to Sevgil Musaieva, the editor-in-chief of Ukrayinska Pravda. Musaieva began her acceptance speech by reflecting on the death of her friend, U.S. journalist Brent Renaud, who was killed while reporting on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. While referring to her 42 colleagues who died during the war, Musaieva said, “When a journalist dies, their untold stories, their unwritten books, their unreleased films, their untold truth – all die with them.”

Musaieva concluded by paying homage to a campaign dedicated to the Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia who was murdered in 2017, saying that “truth survives when there is someone to fight for it.”

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Photo: Sevgil Musaieva’ Facebook