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Crimean Tatar Channel Changes Its Programming Format

July 28 – Crimean Tatar satellite channel ATR (Atlant SV LLC Television Company) is changing its broadcast format to feature informational and educational programming.

In addition to news and information, ATR also aired movies before the format change. On July 27, the National Televison and Radio Council introduced amendements to the channel’s licence which will allow ATR to increase the number of news programs while decreasing children’s programming.

ATR editor-in-chief Osman Pashayev announced the channel’s programming format change six months ago. Newly appointed ATR general producer Khrystyna Bondarenko publicly reconfirmed those plans in early July.

On December 7 of last year, the Verkhovna Rada approved legislation calling for state support for ATR, which was a continuation of previous Ukrainian state support for ATR. The Cabinet of Ministers subsequently agreed to fund ATR from the national budget. According to Ministry of Social Policy data, 35,340,000 hryvnia (approximately $1,360,000) has been allocated to support ATR in 2017. That is down from 2016 when the Ukrainian state devoted 38,970,000 hryvnia (approximately $1,500,000) to ATR.

One of ATR’s primary viewing audiences is internally displaced persons from Crimea.

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