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Detector Media Launches “Community”

November 11 – Detector Media (DM) presented its new initiative – the Detector Media Community. DM head Natalia Ligachova published an appeal to DM readers, writing that the Covid pandemic exacerbated the need for niche media like DM to diversify their funding base. DM cannot rely solely on donors and advertising, she wrote, and even though they recently managed to attract advertising revenue, they need to find new ways to diversify.

By joining DM’s “Community” with monthly payments or one annual payment, members can participate in discussions, contribute ideas and get branded DM merchandise. The funds collected through this initiative will be spent on content production – videos on critical thinking and media literacy, new media monitoring reports, and media consumption research, etc.

DM developed three support options for “Community” members:

  • Basic, 50 hryvnias monthly (approx. US$2), that includes a weekly newsletter, placement of the subscriber’s CV in a “Talent” database, DM merchandise, and participation in a closed Telegram group;
  • Active, 200 hryvnias monthly (approx. US$7): all the Basic options plus chat with DM members, access to the DM “Talent” database, and invitations to DM’s special events; and
  • Engaged, 400 hryvnias monthly (approx. US$15): all the Active options plus the ability to pitch a topic to the editors and publish job vacancies, have a blog, and even potentially publish a column on the DM website.

Readers can also access a database of helpful DM links and participate in Q&A sessions with DM employees, and members will be invited to volunteer in various ways.

More on Detector Media in Ukrainian.


Photo: John Cameron on Unsplash