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Detector Media Launches Election Detector 

September 1Detector Media (DM) launched its Election Detector project, in which DM experts analyse the media’s coverage of important events, trends and narratives related to the 2020 local elections.

In its first English-language article of the 2020 election season, “Highlights of the Week. August 24-30, 2020,” DM observed that while the political party PR machines are still gearing up during the last week of summer, “the most common coverage opportunities for mentioning political forces are their congresses – with the potentially most resonant congress of the People’s Servant still ahead.”

DM observed that major political parties, such as European Solidarity (ES), Opposition Platform – For Life (OP-FL), and For the Future Party (FFP), increased their visibility on the national TV channels they are associated with, namely Channel 5 (ES), NewsOne (OP-FL), and 1+1 (FFP).

DM noted that “although the election campaign officially starts in just a week, election participants are already using manipulative and simply fictitious sociological surveys. The dubious Inter-Action center, which allegedly conducted a poll and found that Kyiv mayoral candidate Andriy Palchevsky had practically caught up with electoral leader Vitaliy Klychko, announced this, in fact, for the third time. It happened for the first time in March and for the second time in May. Although in early August, a real poll gave Klychko 41% of the votes, and Palchevsky 9%.”

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