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Detector Media Launches News Literacy Online Course

September 26 – The Detector Media nongovernmental organization is offering a news literacy online course. The educational course is available at no charge, and its objective is to help university journalism and pedagogical faculty and students – as well as anyone interested in the media – better comprehend the news media’s role in military conflict conditions. The news literacy program consists of 11 modules led by media academics and practitioners explaining the definition of news and news sources and how events are translated into ongoing news coverage.

Instructors address professional standards in gathering and producing news and the various ethical dilemmas journalists face on a day-to-day basis. The course covers media manipulation of public opinion and identifying “paid” media and hate speech.

Course developers have included topics addressing media ownership in Ukraine and the increasing role of social media in public affairs.

Instructors include Detector Media’s executive director Diana Dutsyk, researcher Margarita Chornokondratenko, media expert Alla Fedoryna, journalist and media expert Natalia Steblyna, researcher Iryna Virtsu, researcher Taras Nazaruk, journalist Nataliya Vyhovska, and media expert Zoya Krasovska. The course’s designer is Yana Dobryanska. Dutsyk and Daria Taraday edited the course.

The news literacy program contains infographics and examples taken directly from the Ukrainian media. It was developed with Internews support and is posted on the Detector Media website through the Video Library link.

More in Ukrainian at the Detector Media website.