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Donbas Media Forum Contributes to Building Communication Strategy with the East

July 6-7 , Kharkiv– The Donetsk Institute of Information (DII) organized the fourth Donbas Media Forum (DMF). During the forum, titled “New Challenges and Opportunities for Local Media,” 450 Ukrainian media representatives and select international media guests assembled to discuss the issues facing regional journalists as they cover the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Participants discussed misinformation and digital security, conflict-sensitive reporting, professional ethics, rebuilding Donbas residents’ trust in media, the transition from state to private media, the media’s independence during Ukraine’s upcoming election cycle, local media sustainability, and human rights in journalism, among other topics. The DMF started with an action to support Donbas journalist Stanislav Aseev, who was illegally captured in 2017 by the DNR pro-Russian group occupying Donetsk, where Aseev is still being held as a prisoner.

The DMF is a major contributor to Ukraine’s efforts in developing a constructive communication strategy with Donbas for its re-integration once the conflict in Donbas is resolved.

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