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EUvsDisinfo Reports on Kremlin Disinformation Narratives Against Ukraine

April 8 – EUvsDisinfo reported that pro-Kremlin media are more actively spreading disinformation in an effort support the current build-up of Russian troops and military equipment along Ukraine’s borders. Kremlin disinformation is regularly used to shore up its military posturing as well as hostile operations on the ground.

According to EUvsDisinfo, current disinformation tactics are similar to those used to target Ukraine in 2014. Pro-Kremlin media recycled frequently used tropes, presenting Ukraine as a relentless aggressor (attacking people living in its own territory), a hapless puppet of the US, as a fascistic state ready to commit imminent genocide against Russians in Donbas, and that Ukraine isn’t actually a state. EUvsDisnifo observed that sources of pro-Kremlin disinformation commonly use the word “genocidal” to describe Ukrainian policies, including Ukraine’s decision to cut fresh water supply to Crimea and Ukraine’s support of the EU’s decision not to recognize Russian passports issued in Crimea, all in support of the Kremlin’s ongoing false narrative that Ukraine is a fascist state.

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Photo: Steve Harvey on Unsplash