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Finalists Debate for the Position of Head of Public Service Broadcaster Management Board

April 19 – Debates of candidates for the position of Head of Management Board of Public Broadcaster were organized by the Council of Europe, Reanimation Package of Reforms, Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, with information support of UA:PBC and Detector Media at the academy of UA:PBC at 26 Kreshchatyk Street.

Earlier, on April 16 – The UA:PBC supervisory board voted at its meeting for candidates to participate in the second round of the competition to become the head of the UA:PBC management board. According to UA:PBC guidelines, the candidates needed at least four votes from the supervisory board members to enter the second round of the competition. As a result of the voting on April 16, four candidates will move on to the second round.
They are:

  1. Vitaliy Dokalenko (four votes for, and 10 against); member of State Council of support of cinematography, former head of Tonis TV Channel (in Yanukovych’s times), worked as Vesti Radio’s general producer in 2016.
  2. Oksana Tsybulia (nine votes for, and four against); former producer of UA:PBC Dnipro regional affiliate.
  3. Mykola Chernotytskyi (11 votes for, and two against); UA:PBC board member, previously acting head of UA:PBC during Zurab Alasania’s absence.
  4. Andriy Shapovalov (10 votes for, and four against); former manager of UA:PBC Luhansk regional affiliate.

Major take-aways from the debates:

  • Steen Nørlov, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine, in his opening remarks highlighted the importance of a truly independent public broadcaster for further building democracy, especially when infodemia and disinformation become new phenomena to cope with. Nørlov emphasized that political neutrality of the members of UA:PBC management board is crucial for building a strong institution, as well as independence of the supervisory board’s decisions is a must for public broadcaster.
  • Mykyta Poturayev, Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, recognized that the public broadcasting reform, led by the current head of the management board Zurab Alasania, has been making a significant progress, despite accusations of low ratings. Sustainable development is the next step, according to Poturayev. He expressed a hope that the law on public broadcasting will soon be amended by parliament, providing a new model of funding, which will bring the public broadcaster some protection from parliamentary interference in the amounts allocated to UA:PBC’s portion from the state budget.

Debates (moderated by Andriy Kulakov, program director of Internews Ukraine):

  • Vitaliy Dokalenko: regional public broadcasting is a priority; launch of a news channel UA:24; no clear answer for the question on financial provisions of this national news resource.
  • Oksana Tsybulia: audience research to adjust advertisers and media customers’ needs; implementation of a new funding model; combination of information-based content and entertainment on different platforms.
  • Mykola Chernotytskyy: prioritized digital platform development, including podcasts for radio, and increased funding for regional branches and the development of a network of correspondents at the hyperlocal level; recently has received an MBA degree from Kyiv School of Economics.
  • Andriy Shapovalov: regional broadcasting is a priority; decentralization of UA:PBC; fair remuneration system; reform of management system at UA:PBC; UA:Culture should become a resource for cultural development of Ukrainians; BBC is an example for building the public broadcaster.

More on Facebook page of the Council of Europe in Ukrainian.

Photo: UA:PBC