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Gender Stereotypes in Ukrainian Online News Reporting – survey results

March 7 – News media monitoring by the Institute of Mass Information concludes women are underrepresented in Ukrainian news media coverage. Citing results from observing gender reporting in 10 nationwide online news organizations in February and March of 2017, the IMI reports women’s comments comprise just 14 percent of Ukrainian Internet media, three percent less than in 2016. The IMI research shows women are presented as experts in the media when commenting on show business, sports, health, international news, and liberating prisoners.

IMI monitored Ukrainska Pravda, Liga, Obozrevatel, UNIAN,,, UkrInform,,, and Korrespondent. Their blogs and articles from February 27 through March 1 were read and studied.

Liga was most likely to cover women as experts with 25 percent of its news coverage devoted to women as primary, recognized news sources. For UkrInform, the figure was 22 percent, followed by UNIAN and at 19 percent. Korrespondent hardly ever quoted a woman as an expert in tracking general news, Obozrevatel recognized women in just seven percent of coverage, and Ukrainska Pravda covered women as primary sources in eight percent of its stories.

Twenty-seven percent of news coverage from the 10 online organizations noted women as important characters; in 2016, the percentage of women recognized as primary actors in the news was 23 percent. Women are most often seen as “heroines” in stories published on the television channel website (38 percent) and UNIAN (37 percent). Ukrinform recognized women as “heroines” in 32 percent of its coverage. (22 percent) and Liga (percent) were less likely to feature women as heroic figures in their coverage.

The IMI research indicates politics and economics are mostly under the purview of men in these 10 news organizations.

More on the Institute for Mass Information website in Ukrainian.