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Head of Detector Media Criticizes Minister Tkachenko’s Statements about UA:PBC

October 23 – Head of Detector Media Natalia Ligacheva published a column criticizing Culture and Information Policy Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko’s statements about UA:PBC in Parliament on October 22.

Tkachenko’s remarks followed a public spat over political pressure on the public broadcaster that was called out by UA:PBC’s “Countdown” talk show team [please see details in the story below]. Ligacheva described this as the latest attack on UA:PBC and as “evidence of the absolute departure of the presidential team from the principles of democracy.”

She wrote that:

  • None of the previous presidents of Ukraine were in favor of the idea of a public service broadcaster, but none were as active in trying to control the public broadcaster as Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s team.
  • Minister Tkachenko and his deputy personally made phone calls to members of the UA:PBC supervisory board during the election process of the head of the board in February 2021, to convince them to vote for Maksym Krechetov (the member of the UA:PBC supervisory board proposed by Servant of the People, formerly attached to the Office of the President, and state broadcaster Dom);
  • The current head of the UA:PBC supervisory board, Svitlana Ostapa, does not have any conflict of interest because she works for Detector Media. However,  Tkachenko, when serving as the chair of the Parliamentary Committee for Humanitarian and Information Policy (before he was appointed as Minister) did have a conflict of interest because he was involved in allocating state funds for the support of film production while remaining honorary president of Kolomoyskiy-owned TV company 1+1 at the same time.
  • In her opinion, even if the current authorities manage to destroy the independence of UA:PBC, this will only be a temporary victory for them, because “time always puts everything in its place.


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Photo: Sam McGhee on Unsplash