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Hromadske Radio Launches New Program Addressing Donbas Challenges

November 17 – Hromadske Radio broadcast the first episode of a new radio program entitled “There is a Solution,” anchored by Andriy Kulykov. This is a joint project with the Public Interest Journalism Lab. The program is broadcast every Wednesday at 10:00am.

The program addresses challenges met by residents of the government-controlled and non-government-controlled areas of Donbas, so that local and national authorities hear about these issues and establish a dialogue with locals to resolve them.

In the first episode, on November 17, Hromadske Radio focused on COVID-19 and the lack of family doctors and hospitals in Donbas. Speakers: Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Iryna Mykychak, Director of the Department of Healthcare of Luhansk Regional State Administration Yuriy Stogniev, and Head of the Healthcare Department of Donetsk Regional State Administration Yanina Vatulina.

More on Hromadske Radio in Ukrainian.

Photo: Soundtrap on Unsplash