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Hromadske Radio Reaches over 120,000 People with New Political Talk Show

January 11Hromadske Radio premiered a prime time 50-minute political talk show “Freedom of Choice” to interview top politicians who are candidates for the post of President. Ukrainian journalist Andriy Kulykov, a highly regarded moderator of political TV talk shows, is the show’s anchor.

Andriy Sadovyy, the Mayor of Lviv and candidate for the Presidency, was the guest for the premiere show. Top Ukrainian news outlets used the content of the show to create news pieces, and as a result the overall audience of the content created reached 120,000 viewers. Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, a Ukrainian diplomat and politician, will be the guest on next Friday’s program.

The talk show team will invite to studio for each of the programs one or two politicians and/or political consultants and one or two independent experts. The guests will comment on the recent developments and political statements and explain their positions on socially important issues. The talk show will go to air live and invite audience feedback during the show. The potential audience reach is over 450,000 listeners monthly.

Fourteen programs will be aired during the presidential campaign, supported by the Media Program in Ukraine, which is funded by USAID and implemented by Internews.