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IMI Reports Increased Adherence to Professional Standards at Six Leading Online Media

July 1 – Institute of Mass Information (IMI) experts stated in their online media monitoring report for May 2021 that six high-quality online media outlets demonstrated higher levels of compliance with journalistic standards last quarter (98% of their news stories complied with all basic standards, up from 96% in the previous quarter). Among the leaders were (the digital platform of UA:PBC), Weekly Mirror, Ukrayinska Pravda,, Ukrinform (State Information Agency), and

Among popular news websites, the lowest quality was found at Politeka, where just 20% of news stories were written according to journalistic standards. Politeka republishes most of its news stories from other media.

IMI conducted media monitoring (its methodology is available online) in May, having analyzed 900 content pieces at 18 national online media. Among those media monitored were ten with the largest online audiences (,,,,,,,, and, and eight that are signatories to the memorandum of the Media Movement for professional standards (,,,,,,, and The media monitoring was conducted with the support of the USAID Media Program in Ukraine.

More on the website of the Institute of Mass Information in Ukrainian.

Photo: Institute of Mass Information