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IMI Survey Reveals More than Half of Women Journalists in Ukraine Have Experienced Sexual Harassment at Work

June 12 – An Institute of Mass Information (IMI) anonymous survey of 138 journalists, conducted between June 14 and 25, revealed that women journalists experience high levels of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The key findings were:

  • 53% of female and 17% of male journalists polled said they have been sexually harassed at work;
  • 30% of journalists were sexually harassed by officials and businessmen while they were conducting interviews;
  • 25% experienced harassment from colleagues, editors, and media owners;
  • 28% of those harassed were exposed to sexual jokes and humiliation;
  • 27% said they experienced unwanted physical contact;
  • 25% said they were exposed to hints and suggestions of a sexual nature from harassers on whom they were dependent for their jobs; and
  • 6% had been threatened with sexual violence.

Among the 138 journalists polled, 93% were from the regions of Ukraine, 7% from Kyiv; 83% identified as women and 17% as men. The survey was conducted by IMI with the support of the Renaissance Foundation and in cooperation with the group Women in Media and investigative journalist Liubov Velychko.

More on the Institute of Mass Information website in Ukrainian.


Photo: Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash