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IMI Surveys Journalists on their Readiness and Needs for Reporting About Escalating Military Conflict in the East


April 29 – The Institute of Mass Information (IMI) published the results of its online survey of media workers regarding their preparedness to work on the frontline in the event the conflict in the East of Ukraine escalates, and asked what the journalists need to support them in that work.

The survey was conducted between April 19 and 26, 2021. IMI received 128 responses: 21% of them from Kyiv, and 79% from all regions of Ukraine; 52% of respondents were women, and 48% men.

Major takeaways include:

  • While 71% of journalists plan to report frontline developments in the case of escalation, 79% said they don’t have the valid accreditation card to work in the Joint Forces Operation zone, so they might not be able to go to the frontline;
  • Only 27% said they have worked in the conflict zone during the last three years, while IMI experts highlighted that journalists should refresh their knowledge and skills in conflict reporting every three years;
  • Among the most urgent needs are individual first aid kits (71%), and bulletproof vests and helmets (88% of respondents stated their newsrooms don’t provide protective equipment, while 20% stated they have their own protective equipment);
  • 60% of journalists stated they need training in how to work in the conflict zone; 51% said they need training on providing first aid; 47% said they need training on stress resilience; and 38% on the ethics of conflict-related reporting. Around 72% said they would like to consult with a psychotherapist about how to cope with the stress of working close to the frontline.

More on the website of the Institute of Mass Information in Ukrainian.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash