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IMI Trains Journalists and Public Officials on COVID-19 Communications

March 10 The Institute of Mass Information (IMI) conducted a training for journalists and public officials on how to address the communications challenges posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The event took place at the Kyiv School of Economics for 20 journalists from national media and representatives of the press offices of the state bodies from different regions of Ukraine.

Jarno Habicht, head of the World Health Organization in Ukraine, IMI experts Olena Holub and Roman Holovenko, and Liubov Velychko, a expert, shared information on how to cover pandemics without provoking a panic, and the latest developments on COVID-19, including a report on the disinformation that is being spread about the virus. IMI published recommendations on its website to guide journalists on how to cover the coronavirus responsibly.

More on the website of the Institute of Mass Information in Ukrainian.

Photo – A. Yanitskiy Facebook