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Independent Association of Broadcasters Holds Annual Hackathon

June 17-18 – Programmers, designers, advertisers, and journalists assembled at the Independent Association of Broadcasters’ annual hackathon in Kyiv to discuss innovative media development solutions that will be implemented across Ukraine. This year the organizers looked for cross-media solutions and alternative (or new) services for social media.

A hackathon is an event where computer programmers and other software developers – including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and other information technology professionals – collaborate on software development and projects. Hackathons have been held since the late 1990s, but beginning in the mid- to late 2000s, hackathons became more common as companies and venture capitalists developed new technologies, innovations, and sources of funding.

Sixteen teams brought their ideas related to innovative media and radio projects to the hackathon. These included streaming and user-generated platforms, smart TV applications, and other non-standard software and hardware ideas.

During the event, Olha Safina, creative director of UNIT.City, lectured on how to correctly present products. Digital media management consultant Olha Klipkova, former head of digital for television brands at 1+1 Media, answered questions about how developers address global challenges.

Hackathon winners were the Camon Company for an online streaming device and MyNews for a civic journalism platform. Winners received $5,000 for implementation of their projects.

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