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Institute for Mass Information Leads Coalition To Reduce Public Information Request Court Fees

October 13 – Organizers of the “No Corruption!” contest that highlights the need for regular public information from government officials said a coalition of nongovernmental organizations continue to pursue cases of information refusal.  As part of the “For Removing Financial Barriers to Ensure Access to Public Information” initiative, 12 cases will be competitively selected in Ukraine’s regions and provided with legal and financial support at court hearings to receive complete and satisfactory information.

The campaign’s goal is to reduce the administrative court fee for public information access and cancel the advance payment for all types of enforcement proceedings.  Currently, the fee for individuals who wish to appeal to a court for incomplete official information is 640 hryvnia (approximately $24).  It costs legal entities 1,600 hryvnia (approximately $60) for such an appeal. A legal entity filing a court complaint for violation of the right for access to public information has to pay 6,400 hryvnia (approximately $241).

As reported earlier, the Institute of Mass Information, the Center UA, the Regional Press Development Institute, the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, the Human Rights Platform, the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the Freedom House in Ukraine signed a memorandum to create the coalition, “For Removing Financial Barriers to Ensure Access to Public Information.” According to memorandum signatories, such high rates deprive many journalists and civic activists from rightfully and legally obtaining public information from government officials.

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