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Institute of Mass Information Announces August Violations Against Journalists

September 6The Institute of Mass Media (IMI) registered 23 cases of violating journalists’ rights and freedom of speech in Ukraine in August. This data was provided by the IMI Freedom of Speech Barometer’s monthly monitoring.

Six cases violating journalists’ rights were identified by IMI as “obstruction to legitimate journalistic activity.” This category of harassment, since of the beginning of 2017, has been the most frequent type of violation against reporters and editors and was at the same level in July.

There was a decrease in the number of physical assaults against journalists in comparison with previous months. Three cases were reported in August, down from six reported in July. Violation of journalists’ rights and freedom of speech in August was observed by IMI in 12 Ukrainian oblasts. The Mykolaiv and Volyn Oblasts – with four cases each – led the list of regions where journalists were harassed. The Kyiv and Chernihiv region had three cases each in August. According to IMI monitoring, journalists’ rights in August were violated by individuals, law enforcement agencies, local and central government authorities, hackers, and representatives of state-owned enterprises.

More on the Institute for Mass Information’s website in Ukrainian.