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Institute of Mass Information Publishes Recommendations on How to Cover Military Aggression

November 29 – Leading experts of the Institute of Mass Information, Oksana Romaniuk, Roman Holovenko, Olena Holub, and Ali Safarov, elaborated on recommendations for journalists on how to cover military aggression – they are posted on the IMI website. IMI stresses the importance of accuracy and fact-checking, avoiding manipulations and emotional rhetoric, finding the right experts to comment, and striving for gender balance. The recommendations advise on reporting the statements/positions of militants and on using correct and up-to-date vocabulary. For example, IMI warns against using the term “little green men” to describe Russian troops, as Russia promotes this wording to soften the real nature of military occupation. Instead, IMI experts advise journalists to use “occupiers” to describe Russian military forces, even those who do not wear military gear.

More on the Institute of Mass Information in Ukrainian.


Photo credit: Serhiy Hipskyy on Unsplash