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Internews Europe Announces Tender for Final Evaluation of a Media Development Project in Eastern Europe

Internews Europe is launching a call for proposals for the final evaluation of “Audience Understanding and Digital Support” (AUDS) project. Deadline for proposals submission – September 10, 2021.

In January 2018, Internews launched the four-year SIDA-funded AUDS project.  The project aims to enhance public access to independent news and information on issues that affect citizens’ lives in five countries (including Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and another sensitive country, Ukraine). AUDS provides support to improve the quality of media content and the financial sustainability of select media outlets.  Furthermore, AUDS provides support to enhance the safety and security of human rights and media organisations in the target countries. During the nearly four years of the project, AUDS provided support (directly or through partner organisations) to up to 20 small- to medium-sized media and human rights organisations in each of the target countries.

Evaluation Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of the evaluation is also to assist Internews (and other relevant stakeholders) to assess progress of the on-going project Audience Understanding and Digital Support (AUDS) to learn from what works well and less well. The evaluation will be used to inform Internews on how future project design and implementation may be adjusted and improved. T he final evaluation should assess the performance, success of the project, impact of project activities on beneficiaries and the sustainability of results. The evaluation has the following principal tasks:


  • Assess the project impact on enhancing the safety and security of human rights organisations/activists and independent media outlets/journalists in target countries;
  • Assess the project impact on media outlets being better able to track and understand their audience information needs, and whether this makes them more competitive in local and regional marketplaces;
  • Assess performance of the project in terms of relevance, effectiveness, coherence, impact, and sustainability;
  • Analyse underlying internal and external factors that affected the achievement of the project results;
  • Provide a summary of lessons learned throughout the project lifecycle and recommendations for potential continuation of the project.

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