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Internews Hosts First Meeting with Partners as Part of New USAID-funded Media Program Inception

October 11 Internews, a US-based international media development organization, hosted a meeting with partners to present its new Media Program in Ukraine. The 5-year, USD $35 million project, funded by USAID and implemented by Internews, is the largest media development activity in Ukraine’s history, and represents a significant commitment to supporting and developing Ukraine’s independent media sector.

The meeting brought together more than 40 representatives from both regional and national media organizations and outlets with the purpose to share the new program’s key objectives and exchange ideas about its initial implementation.

“We believe that Ukraine achieved a lot in important media reforms. Today we need to talk about what our priorities should be and the areas where we must carry on. We at Internews are delighted to be able to continue working together with you to strengthen the accountability and capacity of the Ukrainian media sector to provide Ukrainians with the relevant and engaging information they need. With USAID’s assistance, we will expand media literacy, help institutions implement key media reforms and build media industry standards and sustainability,” Internews Country Director and the Program’s Chief of Party Gillian McCormack said during the presentation.

The new Media Program will target its efforts on journalists, media managers, media outlets, media support organizations, educators, citizens, and officials working on reforms. It will also explore new partnerships and coalitions with IT professionals, social entrepreneurs, private sector representatives, and creative communities.

The Program’s objectives are to:

1. Increase high-quality, engaging content throughout Ukraine, particularly in the East and South;

2. Increase public demand for quality information;

3. Implement critical media reforms; and

4. Strengthen and sustain key media institutions and processes.


Activities will include:

• Support for public broadcasting company UA:Pershiy and local affiliates

• Increasing and improving content production on reforms

• Improving elections coverage

• Strengthening professional development and cross-regional linkages

• Supporting investigative journalism

• Providing legal assistance to journalists on access to information

• Streamlining media literacy efforts

• Expanding media monitoring efforts

• Strengthening and expanding media partnerships and coalitions

Please, follow us on this website for new Program’s news and cooperation opportunities. 

Infographics explain the new Program’s key objectives and activities.