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Internews-supported Film Telling Stories of Missing People in Ukraine Wins an Award in Madrid

On July 28, Stanislav Tsekhmistrenko, a producer of the Internews-supported film “Mezha ochikuvannia” (or The Limits of Waiting) received an award for the “best director of a documentary in foreign language” at the Madrid International Film Festival.

“Mezha ochikuvannia”, The Limits of Waiting, on the programme at the Madrid International Film Festival


The 40-minute film features the family of a Crimean activist who was abducted on the eve of the Russian annexation of Crimea, and a mother from Lutsk, whose two sons, volunteers of the Aidar army battalion, went missing at the beginning of the armed conflict in the Ukraine’s east. Both stories reflect the fate of many other Ukrainian families who have lost their homes, loved ones, and a sense of security since the conflict erupted in Ukraine.

Stanislav Tsekhmistrenko and his Internews colleagues, Aleksandra Pavlovskaya (left) and Natalia Rudenko (left) enjoy the Madrid IFF red carpet reception

The film premiered on September 27, 2017 and its production was supported by Internews. The film’s producers are Sergiy Bibik (script), Stanislav Tsekhmistrenko (director) and Viktor Zavalnyuk (cameraman).

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Watch the film here (in Ukrainian with English subtitles)