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Internews’ U-Media Supports 10th Digital Forum

September 7 – The Independent Association of Broadcasters conducted its 10th Digital Forum with the objective to ease transition to digitalization and ensure broadcast licensing.

The Forum assembled more than 120 participants – representatives of media, civil society, and the government – to discuss reasons for postponing the final transition to digital broadcasting, obstacles to reform, and legal ramifications.

Participants agreed on the necessity of reform and its technical feasibility in the near future as well as lack of political will to overcome monopoly digital provider, “ZEONBUD” Ltd.

Regional digital coverage and licenses were also raised in discussions. Among panel moderators and keynote speakers were Yuriy Artemenko from the National Television and Radio Council, Fedir Hrechaninov of Starlight Media, and the 1+1 channel’s Yaroslav Pakholuchuk.

More in Ukrainian on the IAB Facebook page.