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Internews Ukraine Introduces ARTIFAKE Project

October 21, 11:00am – Internews Ukraine (IUA) held a press conference to introduce the international project “ARTIFAKE,” which counteracts mis(dis)information and promotes media literacy with the help of street art (murals). The event took place at Ukrinform in Kyiv, 8/16 Bohdan Khmelnytskyi street.

The project proposes an innovative and creative way to counteract disinformation, propaganda and media manipulations through placement of thematic media literacy murals in small cities to improve citizens’ media literacy and critical thinking. The initiative is supported by USAID’s Media Program in Ukraine and forms part of a broader project financed by the Creative Europe Program and the International Renaissance Foundation in Armenia and Poland. In Ukraine, the project will involve small towns in the East and South. The visual component of the project will be accompanied by online educational activities. IUA will measure effectiveness and impact throughout the project to test the efficacy of using street art to promote resilience to disinformation.


Photo: Internews Ukraine