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IPI Trains Journalists on Personal Safety While Reporting on Conflict

July 14 – The Institute of Political Information (IPI) conducted a practical eight-hour training in Odesa for regional journalists on personal safety and self-defense using the Krav Maga Israeli military system developed by the Krav Maga Federation in Ukraine. Federation head Anton Farb and IPI head Pavlo Kolotvin adapted the Krav Maga method for journalists covering the escalation of the conflict in the East and South of Ukraine. Twenty-five regional journalists, editors-in-chief, camera operators, and bloggers attended.

Krav Maga (Hebrew for “contact combat”) is a system of hand-to-hand combat developed in Israel, focusing on the rapid neutralization of a threat to one’s life. The system was adopted by various Israeli security forces. The training outlined practical methods of personal defense during rallies, mass actions, crisis situations, provocations, and armed conflicts. Participants also learned how to barricade an office using office furniture, and studied the psychology of conflict as well as methods to de-escalate hostile situations.


Photo by Leon Oalh on Unsplash