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“Issues of National Security” TV Program Reports on Low Admission of Donbas and Crimea High School Graduates to Ukrainian Universities

July 13 – The Center for Journalist Investigations (CJI) of the Crimea Information and Press Center (IPC), in the 30th episode of this season’s “Issues of National Security” TV program, explored how high-school graduates from the temporarily occupied territories of East Ukraine and Crimea are gaining admission to Ukrainian universities.

According to studio guest Valentyna Potapova, who is head of the Center for Civic Education “Almenda,” the government allocated 35 million hryvnia (US$1,273,000) to ten Ukrainian universities for summer preparatory studies and a social adaptation program for youth from the occupied territories, but just 107 applicants (97 from Donbas, 10 from Crimea) will take spots at Ukrainian universities. Potapova suggested that the low number of participants may be due to the short two-week deadline for applications and poor public awareness of the opportunity among residents in the occupied areas.

More on the website of the Center for Journalist Investigations in Ukrainian.


Photo: Hannah Olinger on Unsplash