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Journalist Contest of Gender-Related Media Products

June 1 – The Volyn Press Club and the Lutsk Gender Center have announced a competition related to media coverage of gender-based discrimination, equal opportunity, and human rights of men and women in Ukraine.

Print, television, and radio organizations, online media organizations and bloggers, and freelance journalists from all Ukrainian regions are eligible to apply. Topics can cover the following: politics, governance, business, economics, social policy, medicine, education, law, journalism, national defense, and public activism. Coverage published or broadcast in 2016 and 2017 as well as material not yet released publicly may be submitted for the competition.

A jury consisting of competition organizers, human rights activists, and journalists will evaluate the coverage. Jury members’ names will not be disclosed until the contest is over. Results will be announced in August.

The competition is being conducted by the Gender Space of Modern Journalism: From Theory to Practice project that the Volyn Press Club administers in partnership with the Gender Center and the Independent Public Network of Ukraine’s Press Clubs. The project is supported by USAID U-Media program implemented by Internews.

Find out how to take part in the contest on the Institute for Mass Information’s website in Ukrainian.