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Journalists Express Outrage Following Insult by Newly Elected Member of Parliament

August 21 – A group of women journalists have made a public appeal after Maksym Buzhansky, a newly elected Member of Parliament, responded to journalist Olha Dukhnych’s article in Novoe Vremya with insulting remarks.

Dukhnych had written that judging by the content of Buzhansky’s Facebook page, he is nostalgic for the USSR and disgraced ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. Buzhansky responded by calling Dukhnych “another stupid sheep” from the “odious mass media.”

In response, the journalists published an appeal to political parties, parliament, the president, executive bodies and local authorities to develop a code of ethics that would prohibit sexism and hold officials liable for violation of the rules; develop and implement recommendations and legislation to combat sexism; and educate MPs on the basics of human rights and gender equality and on the importance of non-sexist behaviour while in a position of authority.

More than 150 women journalists signed the appeal. Liza Kuzmenko, one of the appeal’s authors and the founder of the Women in Media Facebook group, informed Internews that Maryna Bardina, one of the newly elected Members of Parliament from the Servant of the People party, suggested creating a working group to develop this code of conduct.

According to the Institute of Mass Information’s media monitoring, Novoe Vremya is one of the top 10 online media in Ukraine, and it has been whitelisted based on its observance of journalistic standards, transparency and absence of sexism and black PR.

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