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Kharkiv Press Club Brings Journalists to Kherson Region to Observe Implementation of Decentralization Reform

June 17-18 – A group of 13 journalists from seven regions of Ukraine visited Kherson region for a press tour organized by the Kharkiv Press Club. Journalists observed the implementation of  decentralization reform in Holoprystan and Stanislavska amalgamed communities of Kherson oblast, and learned what social services are provided to residents and how newly-established businesses provide jobs to local residents. During a visit to the agricultural company Nibulon (Holoprystan), one of Ukraine’s largest agricultural producers and exporters, the prospects for river navigation in Ukraine was discussed. While visiting Stanislavska community, the journalists learned about processing agricultural products and plans to develop local tourism.

Both Holoprystan and Stanislavska are being developed with the support of the USAID DOBRE Program.

Photo: Kharkiv Press Club