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Media Community Calls On Parliament to Help Media during Covid-19 Quarantine  

March 26The National Media Association (NAM) launched an appeal on its Facebook page on March 25th calling on parliament to amend current legislation to help the media survive the economic impact of the pandemic, including asking for:

• The state to freeze tax obligations of the media to state and regional budgets, as well as to state and municipal enterprises;

• A moratorium on rent increases for media companies;

• Free use of public transport by media workers during the quarantine;

• the right to break away from programming concepts that are stipulated in media company licenses, in order to respond promptly to information needs of audiences;

• A suspension of audits of broadcasters, except in cases of severe legal violations; and

• The prohibition of any suspensions of electricity supply to the State Enterprise “Concern RRT,” the body that provides radio and TV broadcast frequencies.

Supporters are urged to join the request by typing their name and title in an online document.

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