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Media Community Should Develop Rules for Journalists Working in Occupied Territories 

December 8-9 – The Regional Press Development Institute organized the ninth all-Ukrainian conference about investigative reporting for 170 Ukrainian and international investigative journalists in Kyiv. Titled “Investigative Journalism in the Age of Open Data and Information Warfare: Opportunities and Challenges,” the lead topics were investigative journalism’s ethical and professional standards, working with open data, digital security, utilizing drones in investigative reporting, and investigative journalism’s effectiveness in Ukraine.

On December 9, a panel discussion was dedicated to investigative reporting in Ukraine’s occupied territories. Andriy Klymenko, editor-in-chief of the BlackSeaNews website, and Valentyna Samar, editor-in-chief of the Investigative Reporting Center information agency, said standards, rules, and methods applied worldwide by journalists do not work in occupied territories.

Klymenko noted journalists should develop new recommendations for their colleagues working in occupied territories, and Samar noted corruption cases in occupied Donbas are currently not being investigated.

This year’s conference was supported by the European Union Anti-Corruption Initiative, Politiken-Fonden, and Internews.

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