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Media Industry Leaders Voice their Expectations of the New President  

May 15Detector Media (DM) asked Ukraine’s media industry leaders about their expectations of President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky. Among those surveyed were the Independent Association of Broadcasters, Ukrainian Cinema Association, the Association of Copyright Holders and Content providers, Ukrainian Association of Media Business, and the Internet Association of Ukraine.  

Among the recommendations were the following:

1. Adopt laws on audiovisual media services, electronic communications, use of radio frequency resources of Ukraine, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure for communications development.

2. Provide residents of the occupied territories and of Russia-annexed Crimea with balanced and objective information.

3. Allow the National TV and Radio Council to complete the digital reform process without interference; respect for the state regulator’s independence should be a top priority.

4. Fight against impunity for attacks on journalists for their professional duties.

5. Combat piracy (taking stories from other media without acknowledging the source).

6. Expand channels for print media distribution and cancel the import duty on paper.

7. Introduce a state support program for print and electronic media.

8. Provide state financing for the cinema industry, for film education and for international promotion of Ukrainian films.

9. Complete Ukraine’s membership in Eurimages and the process of signing intergovernmental agreements on joint film production with China, Canada and other strategic partners of Ukraine.

10. Implement cash rebates in the cinema industry as specified in law.

11. Introduce electronic governance at the National Council to facilitate licensing and registration.

12. Solve the issues between the digital signal monopoly holder, Zeonbud, and the broadcasters who have applied to receive space in the digital spectrum.

13. Reduce taxes for telecommunication operators.

14. Prohibit law enforcement agencies from interfering with the work of the telecommunications operators.

The media industry leaders told DM they understand that these measures are beyond the president’s powers and responsibilities, according to Ukraine’s Constitution. However, they expressed the hope that President Zelensky will promote legislative initiatives that improve the media environment in Ukraine.

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