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“Media Movement” Backs Adoption of “On Media” with Improvements 

July 9The Media Movement for Conscious Choice and its participating organizations expressed support for changes to media legislation in Ukraine and for the adoption of the draft bill “On Media”#2693-d (in its draft as of July 2, 2020) in its reading by parliament, but called for several provisions to be improved.

According to the Movement’s participating organizations, the main issues/challenges in the draft law are:

1. Excessive powers of the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting to regulate and control the dissemination of information, not only by broadcasters, but also by print media, unregistered online media, bloggers and social media contributors;

2. Introduction of the institution of co-regulation without a clear definition of the powers of the participants in such co-regulation and the division of powers between them;

3. Purely declarative provisions on compliance with professional standards of journalism; and

4. Preservation of old ineffective legislation, which was supposed to prevent excessive concentration of audiovisual media in the hands of one owner (but did not work).

Taking into account the above, the Movement appealed to Ukraine’s Members of Parliament (MPs) to finalize the draft bill to prepare it for the second reading. For their part, media civil society organizations that are members of the Media Movement are preparing their proposals with amendments to this bill. They will be ready to submit these to the working group and MPs. These proposals will be made public soon.

The Media Movement for Conscious Choice was established by Internews partners in February 2019. The Movement’s co-founders who were among the first to sign its memorandum were UA: Pershiy (National Public Service Broadcaster – TV channel), Ukrainian Radio, Hromadske Radio, IA Ukrinform, IA Interfax-Ukraine,, Dzerkalo Tyzhnia. Ukraine, Novoe Vremya weekly,, Channel 5 TV, the Ukrainian Week, Opinion, a number of regional media outlets, the Independent Media Council (founded by five Internews partners in December 2015), CSOs Detector Media, Institute of Mass Information, Internews Ukraine, Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, the Suspilnist Foundation, the National Association of Media, Donetsk Institute of Information, the Pylyp Orlyk Institute for Democracy, Zmina Center for Human Rights, and other organizations – it currently comprises over 70 members.

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