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Ministry of Information Collects, Summarizes Anti-Ukraine Propaganda

June 12 – The Ministry of Information Policy collected seven of the most common anti-Ukraine propaganda talking points used by the Kremlin in its information battle against Ukraine.

According to Deputy Information Policy Minister Dmytro Zolotukhin’s Facebook page, those messages are:

1. Life is bad in Ukraine. It is a country plagued by political and economic crisis, scandal, and protests. President Poroshenko will inevitably fall from power.

2. Economic sanctions applied to Russia over the past three years — plus in the wake of its annexation of the Ukrainian region of Crimea and its active support of Donbas separatists — will be cancelled in the near future because the West is tiring of the sanctions and is becoming more reluctant to administer them.

3. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are attacking and committing atrocities against their own citizens in the Donbas. Foreign mercenaries are fighting in the Armed Forces, and overall discipline is poor because of alcoholism, among other things.

4. Ukraine is not responsive to the Donbas and its needs and will eventually lose the area.

5. Crimea belongs to Russia. Crimean residents say they are experiencing profound improvements in their lives following the Russian annexation.

6. Ukraine supports terrorism by preparing Islamists in Ukraine for war in Syria, delivering weapons to Islamists, fielding Islamist battalions in the Donbas war, and maintaining a relationship with Islamists.

7. Ukraine is a radical, reactionary state. Radicals, neo-Nazis, fascists, nationalists, and vandals predominate. The Russian-speaking population in Ukraine is pressured through active discouragement of using the Russian language.

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