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Gromada.Group Network of Local Media in Kharkiv Marked Its First Anniversary

The initial goal of Gromada.Group local media project was to create local trusted online information resource by providing technical, mentoring, and organizational assistance to local de-statized newspapers.

In early 2020, Kharkiv Press Club developed and launched Gromada.Group website and created Kharkiv (central) editorial office of the project, which included young graduates of the Press Club’s School of Multimedia Journalism. Media outlets in Chuhuiv, Zmiyiv, Borova, Kupyansk and Valky amalgamated communities received newly created online pages for further work. In a year, the Network already covered ten territorial communities of Kharkiv region. According to website viewership grew by 10-30 percent per month, which was the highest among the hyperlocal media in the region. The beginning of 2021 showed that the editorial board is ambitious to keep up its pace.

An important part of the work is to promote and explain reforms in Ukraine. Journalists provided high-quality information to local residents about medical reform, decentralization, pension reform, and novelties of local elections.

In December 2020, Gromada.Group launched production of 1-2 minutes video digests (supported by text) reviewing main news of the region on a weekly basis. Podcast “Gradusnyk” (thermometer) was launched as a new information and communication audio platform. 14 issues have already been broadcast and reached 10 000 local listeners. Also, podcasts have their listeners in Australia, Canada, Italy, Kazakhstan, and Israel. Gromada.Group is eager to launch several new projects in 2021.

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