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New Grants Competition: Media Reforms Advocacy Initiatives

Media Reforms Advocacy Initiatives  

Grants Competition

October 2019

Internews’ Media Program in Ukraine (MPU), a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), invites Ukrainian media organizations, media outlets and other players in the media field to submit project proposals to the Media Reforms Advocacy Initiatives grants competition.

By conducting this grants competition, Internews reiterates its support to the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR) Media Reform Goals for 2019-2023: 1) fully-fledged functioning of an independent public broadcasting service; 2) reduced influence of “big money” on election campaigning in the media; 3) European standards for audiovisual media regulation; 4) guaranteed access to public information for citizens; 5) improved regulation of print media and increased protection of journalists; and 6) freedom of expression on the internet.

Proposals for other critical media reform efforts may be considered as well.

Internews will support projects that contribute to the Media Program Objective 3 of Implementing critical media reforms, and especially supporting application of key media reform, advocacy and oversight.

These projects will need to look for the most effective coalitions and ideas to:

• Promote advocacy and/or oversight of implementation of critical media reforms (establishment of a strong independent public service broadcaster, guaranteed access to public information, sustainability of reformed print media, privatization of communal television and radio broadcasters, transparency of media ownership and other reforms)

• Strengthen advocacy in support of the legislative initiatives for building professional and democratic media environment (implementation of European standards through a new law on audiovisual services; improvement of the electoral legislation in part of media activities and the pre-election debates and other reform initiatives)  

• Promote advocacy activities for building regulatory and co-regulatory mechanisms, including improvement of the legislative framework for the national media regulator’s functions

• Encourage creative partnerships and coalitions involving stakeholders in the regions, particularly, in the East and South, for promotion of freedom of expression on the internet and addressing other critical media issues. 

This grants competition is a focused but flexible mechanism that provides opportunities to design creative, innovative national and regional projects.

Grantees should demonstrate plans for soliciting the opinions of and/or reaching out to women and minority groups. Project selection will be based on applicants’ ability to demonstrate concrete achievements that show impact in the media sector.

The average amount of awarded grants will be around US$20,000 – US$ 30,000 for projects of up to six-months’ duration. Projects with longer duration will be also considered, given the justified budget and goals. The projects are expected to start no earlier than from January 1.

Proposed projects may include (but are not limited to) the following illustrative activities:

• Building coalitions to conduct media reforms  advocacy campaigns and promote effective media regulation body and self-regulation mechanisms;

• Conducting monitoring of how media regulation mechanisms, law on access to public information, law on transparency of media ownership and other recently adopted critical media reforms are implemented (with a view to creating enabling environment and building a more democratic society) and suggesting amendments, as/if necessary;

• Developing legislative suggestions aimed at considerable limitations for purchasing airtime during election campaigns and improving control mechanisms to hold media responsible for violations; Conducting public discussions and advocacy initiatives on European standards for audiovisual media regulation in Ukraine;

• Strengthening advocacy in support of the legislative initiatives for the implementation of a new law on audiovisual services;

• Strengthening protection guarantees for journalists and getting rid of outdated legislation regulating mandatory media coverage on state authorities; 

• Organizing public discussions and advocacy activities on internet media transparency and regulation, and

• Organizing public discussions and advocacy activities on other important media sector reform topics.


Grant Proposal Writing Instructions:

All proposals should be submitted in Times New Roman, 12 point, single space.  The proposal structure includes the following sections:

I.  Cover Page – 1 page

This page should contain the following information:

A. Project Title

B. Brief Project Description.  In one paragraph, clearly and concisely summarize your project

C. Organization.  Name and contact information – mailing address, e-mail, phone, cell phone and website

D. Project Coordinator.  Full name and contact information – e-mail and cell phone

E. An additional contact person who will follow the project’s progress.  Full name and contact information – e-mail and cell phone

F. Project Duration (in months)

G. Amount Requested from MPU; in USD

H. Your organization’s cost share contribution (10% of the amount requested from MPU) in USD.

II. Program Description – 5 Pages Maximum

A. Description of project goals and objectives connected to MPU objectives

B. Activities to achieve project goals

C. Expected results, outcomes, outputs and project impact

D. Monitoring and evaluation tools and indicators

E. Timetable (monthly) that explains project logic and implementation

F. Partners

G. Organization background – two paragraphs maximum

III. Budget – Excel Format – Must Use Attached Template


The budget should describe major expense categories that show clear cost-effectiveness. The suggested cost share should be no less that 10 percent of the requested sum of the grant. Justification for each cost (budget line) should be inserted to the right of the tab.

IV. Capacity and Previous Experience in Project Implementation – No More Than One Page:

A. Business or Project Management Experience

B. Previous Grants Received

Deadline: Project proposals, in English and Ukrainian, marked “Media Reforms Advocacy Grants Competition” to be submitted no later than November  14 , 18:00 (Kyiv time). 

Proposals should be sent electronically to  

Telephone enquires can be made on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 to 3pm at this number: 044-334-56-49/39.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals which do not correspond to MPU’s priority activities and requirements will not be considered.

A jury of independent experts will evaluate all proposals, compile a short list and select the winners. Please, note that only shortlisted and winning applicants will be contacted.

Internews may contact an applicant organization if any additional information regarding the submitted proposal is required.

Please note the project consideration process can take one calendar month.

All awards are subject to available funding and USAID approval.

Grant Selection Criteria

Each proposal will receive an appropriate number of points according to the following criteria:

1. The cost share is no less that 10 percent of the requested amount.

2. The proposal offers an effective approach for achieving the Media Program in Ukraine’s priorities.

3. The project can achieve expected results in the referenced period of time.

4. Recommended types of activities make achieving expected results possible.

5. The applicant demonstrates sufficient technical skills, experience and capacity to achieve the proposed activities.

6. The project budget is reasonable and cost effective.