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New iVote Tool Encourages Voters to Analyze Candidates’ Platforms

March 6 iVote is an independent informative online platform designed to help voters familiarize themselves with the programs of Ukraine’s presidential candidates and political parties.

Created by the Odesa-based NGO “Institute of Political Information” (IPI) with our support, it was launched on March 6. The platform contains a quiz and articles to help voters learn about the official approaches of parties and candidates to solving important social and political issues. Over 60,000 people have taken the quiz so far and there are already more than 500 social media posts related to the platform.

The iVote quiz correlates user responses on what’s important to them with the official positions of the candidates declared in their election programs registered by Central Election Commission. A team of programmers and experts developed an algorithm for calculating the closeness of user preferences to party and candidate platforms. The platform provides quotes from the official candidate programs and comparisons of the different manifestos.

The platform works for all browsers and is available on Facebook. A mobile version is available for Android Chrome and iOS Safari, as well as a Telegram bot @i_vote_bot. iVote’s developers guarantee user anonymity – the quiz does not collect any personal data and you don’t need to register to play.

The purpose of iVote is to increase understanding of the electoral process and the official programs of the candidates. IPI urges citizens to rely on their own judgement, analyze the results of the quiz themselves and make an informed decision when voting.