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New Russian-Language Television Program Goes Worldwide

February 27 – A new Russian-language information and news channel designed to distribute unbiased, well-researched news about Ukraine is broadcasting to an estimated 40 percent of the country’s viewing audience.

Nastoyashcheie Vremya (Current Time) was created for Russian-speaking audiences worldwide by Radio Liberty and the Voice of America and has aired since October of last year, according to Radio Liberty.

In Ukraine, Nastoyashcheie Vremya is broadcasting via the largest cable network Volya (Freedom) and on 10 channels, including Channel 24 and UA: Pershy, according to its executive producer Kenan Aliyev.  At a presentation ceremony in the UkrInform information agency offices, Aliyev reinforced Nastoyashcheie Vremya’s status as an information channel and said it is airing seven days a week, 24 hours a day in Ukraine and abroadHe said international news is a priority with the new channel through its daily Washington, D.C. – produced program Current Time. merica and its news coverage focuses on events in the Donbas and Crimea.

Nastoyashcheie Vremya is broadcast via cable and satellite TV; on mobile platforms in social networks and websites; through applications for Smart TV; and, on other digital platforms.  In Russia, it will be available via the Internet, satellite and cable networks.

More on the UkrInform website in Ukrainian.

Find more about the new TV Channel on their official website.