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NEW! U-Media Announces Small Grants Competition


October 17, 2017

The USAID Ukraine Media Project (U-Media), implemented by Internews, invites Ukrainian media organizations and companies to submit project proposals to the Small Grants Competition. Internews will support projects that contribute to the following objectives:

1. Support and promote freedom of speech and media independence;
2. Increase the variety of news sources and improve news quality; and,
3. Improve the enabling environment for media and freedom of speech.

It is a focused yet flexible mechanism that provides grants for unique and sustainable projects with a particular emphasis on the south and east of Ukraine. Project selection is based on applicants’ ability to demonstrate concrete achievements that show impact in the media sector.

The average amount of awarded grants will be between $5,000 and $10,000 for projects of up to six-month duration. All projects/grants will need to finish by August 2018.

Project proposals must clearly promote and implement one or more of the following priorities:
1. Content Production.  Production and distribution of regional media products of all types (television, radio, print, internet) to provide useful, informative content that sheds light on stories in the public interest.

2. Raising Awareness of Reforms.  Regional communication and public awareness campaigns and initiatives on increasing public awareness about key Ukrainian reforms including anti-corruption, healthcare, education, government decentralization, European Union integration and other reforms. U-Media encourages media groups producing content to collaborate with think tanks to create explanatory media raising citizens’ awareness of realistic reform in Ukraine at the national and regional level.

3. Media Literacy.  Local, innovative initiatives on critical thinking and media consumption targeting different audiences, including but not limited to public lectures, media discussions, videos, interviews and information seminars on pressing media issues, particularly important in light of the current information war being waged against Ukraine.

4. Media Ownership Transparency.  “Know your media” regional projects; publicizing media ownership information; promotion of Ukrainian-owned media; expert public discussions on editorial policy influence from media owners.

5. Modern Media Transformation.  U-Media encourages initiatives aimed at data journalism and digital security awareness; local projects on inter-regional cooperation between journalists and editors, and regional media development, including but not limited to public discussions, webinars and videos on issues that matter to a broad circle of media outlets.

6. Tolerance Journalism and Diversity Reporting.  Discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTI communities, the disabled and people living with HIV/AIDS keeps these populations from accessing the information they need. U-Media encourages media and public outreach projects aimed at improved coverage and promotion of human rights, tolerance, inclusiveness and universal human values.

7. Gender Equality Issues.  Content production and other types of projects ensuring that (1) women and men benefit equally and are treated without discrimination; (2) resources are fairly distributed, taking into account the different needs of women and men; and, (3) the wide-ranging societal, political and economic effects of differences in gender roles.

U-Media Grant Proposal Writing Instructions:

All proposals should be submitted in Times New Roman, 12 point, single space.  Proposal structure includes the following sections:

I.  Cover Page – 1 page

This page should contain the following information:

A.    Project Title;

B.    Brief Project Description.  In one paragraph, clearly and concisely summarize your project;

C.    Organization.  Name and contact information – mailing address, e-mail, phone, cell phone and website;

D.    Project Coordinator.  Full name and contact information – e-mail and cell phone;

E.     One more contact person who will be aware of the project’s progress.  Full name and contact information – e-mail and cell phone;

F.     Project Duration (in months);

G.    Amount Requested from U-Media in USD; and,

H.    Your Organization’s Cost-share Amount (10% of the amount requested from U-Media) in USD.


II. Program Description – 5 Pages Maximum

A.    Description of project goals and objectives connected to the U-Media objectives;

B.    Activities to achieve project goals;

C.    Expected results, outcomes, outputs and project impact;

D.    Monitoring and evaluation tools and indicators;

E.     Timetable (monthly) that explains project logic and implementation;

F.     Partners; and

G.    Organization background – two paragraphs maximum.

III. Budget – Excel Format – Must Use Attached Template:


It should describe major expense categories that show clear cost-effectiveness.  The suggested cost share should be no less that 10 percent from the requested sum of the grant. Justification for each cost (budget line) should be inserted to the right of the tab.

IV. Capacity and Previous Experience in Project Implementation – No More Than One Page:

A.    Business or Project Management Experience

B.    Previous Grants Received

Internews invites newly established organizations to submit proposals.  If your organization’s experience in media project implementation is insufficient, please refer to other relevant projects indicating a competence level of primary employees and consultants to be employed for the proposed project.

Proposals should be sent electronically to 

Infographics show the small grants portfolio we’ve supported recently:


Proposal Evaluation

Proposals which do not correspond to UMedia’s priority activities

and requirements will not be considered.

 A U-Media Project jury of independent experts will evaluate all proposals, compile a short list and select the winners. Please, note that only shortlisted and winning applicants will be contacted.

Deadline for Proposal Submission:  November 20, 2017 – by 18h00.

Internews may contact an applicant organization if any additional information regarding the submitted proposal is required.

Please note the project consideration process can take one calendar month.  Also, due to grant program administration procedures, it may take up to eight weeks from the date you receive a positive response from U-Media on your proposal to the date when your organization actually receives funds.

All awards are subject to available funding and USAID approval.

Grant Selection Criteria

Each proposal will receive an appropriate number of points according to the following criteria:

1.     The cost share is no less that 10 percent of the requested amount.

2.     The proposal offers an innovative approach for achieving at least one of the U-Media program priorities.

3.     The project can achieve expected results in the referenced period of time.

4.     Recommended types of activities make achieving expected results possible.

5.     The applicant demonstrates sufficient technical skills, experience and capacity to achieve the proposed activities.

6.     The project budget is reasonable and cost effective.