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Parliament Approves Law on Independence of National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting

June 17 – Parliament approved law #4107 “On Amendments to Several Laws of Ukraine on Ensuring Independence of the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting,” with 302 votes, well over the required number for approval (226).

Earlier, on June 15, amendments to this draft law, submitted mostly by the Opposition Platform–For Life faction, were not supported by MPs.

Major provisions contained in the approved law for National Council functions are:

  • The National Council consists of eight members: four are appointed by Parliament, and four by the President. The President establishes a commission to run the competition to select his four candidates. The members appointed by Parliament must receive 300 MP votes;
  • The tenure of the National Council’s members is five years, and members can be re-elected for one successive term only;
  • The Parliamentary Committee for Humanitarian and Information Policy, which is in charge of information policy, will now step into the National Council selection process. The Committee will publicly announce the competition and supervise the process;
  • Candidates for National Council positions must have sufficient expertise in the media sector, adequate education levels, and must pass an anti-corruption check; and
  • The National Council appoints the head of its administrative office  and makes decisions about the establishment of relevant departments and heads of the departments to provide legal and information services, as well as logistics services, to National Council members.

On February 10, 2021, the Parliamentary Committee for Humanitarian and Information Policy recommended Parliament approved draft law #4107 in its second reading.

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Photo: Facebook of the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting